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Saturday, October 30, 2010

About the New Upcoming Hellbourne STR Hero

So as what I've posted before, the next hero is just like the old concept art that is renewed and changed, that is dungeon master hero concept art.So This picture below is the old and new concept, the thing is, who is it?a port or maybe another s2 original hero?Remembering since Valve trademarked DotA, S2 maybe not allowed anymore to porta DotA heroes, is it true or not?I still dont get any answer.

So Is the Scorcher concept hero art will be coming later?Renewed and changed too?The time will answer.

Patch 1.0.17 Changelog

Version 1.0.17
- Added kill streaks, and other kill events to the player stats page
* This includes Smackdowns and Humiliations (the tracked Humiliation is not a failed attempt at a smackdown, but when you kill someone who taunted you)

- Touched up some effects on the main menu background
- Updated string tables
- Updated Catman Leader effects when he stomps

Tablet of Command
- Can no longer be used while immobilized

Harkon's Blade
- Can be toggled while stunned

- Tweaked sounds and effects slightly
- Added voice

- Slow from Willowmaker is now linear in how it decreases instead of down-up-down weirdness

Flint Beastwood
- Flare now does DoT damage over 2 seconds (initial hit, 1 tick after first second, 1 tick after second second)

- Terrify is now properly applied in a cone in-front of him again

- Wrath of the Pharaoh (with SOTM only) can now be toggled between targeting enemies only or enemies and allied heroes

Friday, October 29, 2010

Heroes of Newerth #3 Newsletter

See it here for full page :

We Need More Axes !!

The nice info is the new hellbourne STR hero, its just like the previous concept art, the Dungeon Master-like hero, so maybe it will be Centaur Warchief or Magnus or maybe Pitlord itself, or maybe it will be an original s2 hero again?
Discuss and speculate it here.

HonBlog - New Look !

Now I really cant stand of the messy and ugly blog template already.So I decided to search a new simple and elegant template, also removed the uneccessary widget that will slow down the opening of my blog.Actually I already got volunteer named Hunter Lind that is agreed to help me code the honblog original template design, but seems he still kinda busy so I have to wait on it, Im not closing the opportunity to help and be a volunteer to code my honblog template design, hope anyone of you can help and support this honblog by helping me (click the email me button in top) .
So please leave a comment about the new look, is it better or maybe worst than before?
But I think I will get a positive feedback from you guys.
Thanks for being my blog visitors and keep visiting your no.1 HonBlog !

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Dr.Repulsor created by Kingaby.Deviantart.com

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

S2Fielding - EM Games

Some notes on Easy Mode

I want to take a moment to talk about Easy Mode and our thoughts and observations. Firstly - we understand what it is players like about Easy Mode, and that they have a good reason to want to play it. There are some very specific things EM tries to do, such as shortening game length, and providing a more casual less stressful experience. EM players like to have their cake and eat it too - getting a lot more gold and items in an EM match than normal mode. None of these things should be frowned upon - there's nothing wrong with wanting that experience out of HoN.

Design Update: State of the Game - S2Fielding

This is a comprehensive update aimed to fill you guys, our awesome player base, in on the current state of the game as we see it, and possibly clue you in on some of the types of changes you could expect our design team to produce in the near future. This post is somewhat intentionally vague, I'm avoiding giving the specifics until our design team is ready to unveil them, but I do want to open communication with you guys and make you aware of what our design staff are currently focusing on.

Keep in mind this is a design update - not a general development update, so there is no update on Match Making and our various other projects in here.

New Hero(es)? in Development

Statement 1 :
This is such an informative post.

We are working on a new hero and we just changed how we did development cycles a bit. The result should make all of you happier since it ends up with more better content faster. - S2Idejder

Statement 2 :
To be clear, a change in how we do things will initially slow it down for a week or so, but once we get the ball rolling it will continue to do so and the result will be more content. So there might be a gap but then it should be more consistent. - S2Idejder

Statement 3 : 

We have multiple heroes in development. Be prepared - S2Nome

So, the point here is, maybe Nome is just joking about multiple heroes, cause Idejder just said hero not heroes, and maybe this hero is Furion port?No exact source, just guessing.
See the original thread here : http://bit.ly/bcKuMq

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Patch 1.0.16 Changelog

Version 1.0.16
- Fix to quick stats
- Candles now fade to smaller versions when in a lobby so they don't block any buttons
- Fix to allow clan tags with a length greater than 3.

- Added recommended items
- Fixed a hitch in bombardier's portrait animation
- Fixed Boom Dust not crediting the damage to Bombardier correctly sometimes
- Fixed Boom Dust so the graphics update correctly as you slowly apply charges to someone and they expire
- Fixed Boom Dust exploding from DOTs when put on an ally

Keeper of the Forest
- Updated Root effect so it's less nonsense and more pumpkin

- Fixed the aura not turning off when he dies

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HoN Halloween Events

HoN Costume Contest

In addition to our pumpkin carving contest we are also holding a Halloween costume contest, go dressed as your favorite HoN Character to win $$


1 entry per person
Must be a hero associated with HoN
Must post pictures in this thread of you in costume, please hold paper with your username written on it.

1st: $100
2nd: $50
3rd: $25
Paid via Paypal after judging by Maliken and staff

All entries must be submitted by 10/31/2010 at 11:59pm GMT-5 
See the original thread here : http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/showthread.php?t=176016

Patch 1.0.15 Changelog - Halloween Patch + Bombardier

Again thanks to Zpreadator for finding new madman costume, i miss catch that one.

Version 1.0.15

== General ==

- Halloween on Newerth has arrived...

- Increased the number of hero slots on the picking screen.
- Quick stats favorite hero % will now display correctly for accounts with over 32,000 seconds played on that hero
- Added EM % to quickstats
- Fix for that infinite life infinite spawn simpleemitter particle on the background effect
- Fixed almost all of the tooltip bugs and errors thanks to ElementUser
- Removed the "All Heroes" option
* All games are now "All Heroes" by default
- The "selected" buff icons no longer incorrectly pop / blink
- Fixed Bloodlust gold reward from not being logged correctly
- Updated French stringtables for the tutorial, courtesy of QualQuek, Bass, Jelucyr, Tyr00, Neuroleptik.
- Normalized the building gold and Kongor kill gold
- Hid some states that should not have been shown

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vote 4 HoN in Mashable

Please vote for Heroes of Newerth and nominate it as the Best Online Game here : http://mashable.com/awards/
Also another hallowen cosmetics has been confirmed in 0.2.96, I will post it later, gotta go to school, and a new guide video soon !

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Hallowen Cosmetics

Just realized when I go test the new Bombardier model and skill, I think it's near complete, hope we can play him next week in the next patch, also I saw that Dr Repulsor got shining icon now, more electricity effect, lol, also Corrupted got new icon, its coller than before,both of these two "lighting" hero, the blue and red lighting got new icon, is it a conspiracy?Lol...

UPDATE - In 0.2.96, the CD Icon changed back to old one

Also KotF got new ulti looks, pumpkin field..when allies walk through pumpkin, It'll heal 200hp/pumpkin, lol, just kidding.

Thanks to anonymous, another new cosmetic is the candy runes, 3 runes changed as the picture above, Double Damage and Invisibility got no change.

UPDATE - Now DD and Invis got change, Invis like a silver mini ghost and DD like a Blue choco bar.

NEW UPDATE, thanks to Zpredator for great screenshot, I got many screenshots, but I think his pic is better.
Include : FrankenKong, Clownvourer, Wards into Candle, Melee Creeps turn into Pumpkin Head and Mummy, Spiderweb, Moar Pumpkins and Ghost in Wells.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Regarding the Taunt Problem S2Maliken Stated

The incentive to pre purchasing HoN was a Golden Shield, a Golden Nickname, and the ability to Taunt. At no time did we say that Taunt was exclusive to those that pre purchased. You received Taunt for FREE for pre purchasing. Taunt will soon be available for all non pre purchasers to unlock. Getting Taunt for FREE by pre purchasing is still a significant incentive and value. Additionally, up until it is available, pre purchasers had it exclusively.

Nobody will ever be able to get the Golden Shield or Golden Nickname through any other means that those that pre purchased their account. 

S2 Staff Member

So what I get from here is, we Golden Shield User get Taunt for free, and the non Golden Shielder need to unlock it, maybe with more $ ?

See the original thread here : http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/showthread.php?p=12485354#post12485354 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nigma : Devourer and Scout Discoball Taunt Drama, LOL

Soon Taunt will be available for everyone to unlock. In celebration of this soon to come event we have put together a funny lil vid showcasing what Taunting (Smackdown) is. Enjoy :)

Here comes the DotA 2 Blog

So as what I wrote before, I'll make a blog about DotA 2, and I think it's the first one, but in the DotA 2 only, if you guys talking abou DotA blog, I'll be the hundreth or thousandth, lol on that.
Please visit it in : http://dota2blog.blogspot.com/
and become fans in the facebook page in :

*Note : I will keep updating these 2 blog, HonBlog and DotA2Blog, no one will be left behind.Also sorry for the blog logo is still too simple and uncreative, still thinking about it.I f any of you guys got design, please sen me email at an2x_thelittlerooster@yahoo.co.id.Thanks

Bombardier - Remodeled

So, S2Games, maybe we will got this Bombardier this week, because seems like they still working on this and also the beloved Map Editor.We also got a new patch 0.2.94 in test client, so I think the patch will be this week.

DotA 2 Released and What Maliken Said about this ?

So, today, the big news, Valve and Icefrog announced their game, DotA 2, a DBG(Dota Based Game) with new cool features, the most cool is Coaching, I'll talk about this in other place, see more info below this post.
So lets jump on what Maliken said, remembering the forum goes mad about DotA 2.

I wanted to address some concerns that I see in the forums:

Perception is everything and I can see how some may perceive the most recent couple of months and very "unproductive" for the continued development of HoN. From that view it may be seen that we're not working on HoN inside the S2 organization. I apologize that the 1000s of hours we have been working on quite a few things can't be seen more immediately.

There seems to be a certain segment of our community who feels we are happy with the money we have earned from HoN and we simply don't care about the product. This couldn't be further from the truth. Since HoN's retail we have been hiring, enlarged our staff, and HoN continues to be S2's main priority. Unfortunately many of the things we have been working on are not visible to you all just yet.

Valve and Ice Frog have announced their upcoming game DotA 2. As can be seen on these forums, many people feel HoN will be severely impacted. While there is some truth to that, it is up to S2 to make sure HoN is a great game and able to compete. We already have an excellent product that has achieved tremendous success and continues to generate significant sales and revenue for S2. We plan to make that product better and create new ways to draw more attention to the game and increase our playerbase even more than its current growth rate.

The challenge is welcomed and you can bet we plan to "bring it!"

Game HoN!!!!!!!!

S2 Staff Member

Go go HoN and S2Games, and FYI
I'll keep blogging this No.1 HonBlog also I cant wait to see DotA 2 in 2011, it will be a very an amazing and spectacular competition between S2Games and ValveFrog's combo ! Also I'm working on the DotA2 Blog, but I already knew that Dota-Blog.com also NeutralCreeps.Blogspot.com already pioneer in DotABlog, unlike me...but no problem, keep figthing !

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bombardier - Next Upcoming Legion INT Hero + Skill

Also with more hero slots, Kongor changes, and many more stuff ! Wait n See, always Expect moar !

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Upcoming Hero(es)? 3D Concept

New hero coming to Newerth. No, it is not techies but he has stuff that blows up :)
Who is it? and I bet I will be a new original S2Hero !


Monday, October 4, 2010

Patch 1.0.14 Changelog

Version 1.0.14

General ==

- Updated effects for the Vagabond neutrals
- Added Australia region filter to public games and create game interfaces
- Fixed Kongor slain sound anytime Kongor is killed (Only a problem on some systems)
- Quick Stats bad baseline fix.
- Fix quick stats always saying "Player's First Game" on Mac/Linux clients
- When a killstreak of 11 thru 14 is ended, the game now properly displays "X has ended Y's BLOODBATH streak", not "X has ended Y's IMMORTAL streak"
- Fix for the restore button disappearing on the replay scoreboard (the entire scoreboard was moving off screen) when a player is terminated

== Heroes ==

- Fixed him not gaining strength from killing a hero. Logic failure.

- Fixed not being able to Teleport into your own base

- Fixed Hellbourne Main Building bounds so Tsunami Charge doesn't just go through it
- Fixed Tsunami Charge doing too much damage
- Tsunami Charge no longer brings Invulnerable units along with him
- Splash no longer propagates to illusions

- All non-cleave splash damage will now wake up someone slept by Mesmerize

Friday, October 1, 2010

Patch 1.0.13 Changelog

Version 1.0.13
== General ==

- Darkwood Vale is now a 4v4 map
- Kill streaks of 15 or more now play the "IMMORTAL!" announcer sound / message
- Taunt effect is now more intense and shiny for the first few seconds
- Heroes will now fully turn toward their final goal even when pathing into deeply blocked areas
- Max possible charges are now ~16,000 (Fixes several issues)
- Change default lag threshold to 1000 ms from 500 ms
- Clients no longer precache the voice responses of enemy heroes
- Muting a player will /ignore that player, and unmuting will /unignore.
- Fixed the white icons when someone randoms. The random now happens before the load, not after
- Updated visual effects for some neutrals' skills
- A teammate right clicking on a shop with the courier will open their own shop window now
- Added watery grass to show where fog is blocked yet you can run through
- Added global announcer sounds anytime Kongor is slain
- New effects for Minotaur, Catman, and Vagabond Leader
- Update Frostburn tooltip to show max of 3 charges, instead of 5
- Updated effects and sounds for several items like Blood Chalice, Puzzlebox, and Striders
- Updated sounds to several heroes

- Fix some loading bar funkiness
- Fixed game hosts not being able to assign players from Hellbourne to Legion side when right clicking their portrait. Credit to Bangerz for this fix
- Fixed the quick stats

- K:D ratio now displays two digits after the decimal (for example K:D will be "1.58" instead of "1.6")
- Fixed client not handling valid clan name tags that are 4 chars long
- Fix for a few of the public game filters (mode, num players, map name, server type) to correctly save their settings. Credit to Bangerz for this fix
- Fixes for Full Game, Advanced Game Option, and Advanced Game Mode Filters
- Fixed a potential crash on the chat server that occured when a user was not able to be resolved during a clan invite
- Cleaned up some of the error messages to properly represent the error occuring
- Fixed "Show Advanced Game Options" box on Create Game menu to properly display if no advanced game options are selected

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HoN Blog will no longer be updated. We've moved to http://gamingpoint.org and we will no longer be writing about HoN

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