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Friday, December 24, 2010

10$ for HON Account - Xmas Promo

So apparently Maliklause give us gift by giving a promo for only 10$ you will get a HON Account, fabulous !
So create your account now guys, and taste the Dampeer sucking your blood in Xmas !

Or maybe you guys can also purchase the 30$ pack with additional bonus 250 coins !
Bring this joyfull christmas to Newerth, Merry HoNismas you guys !

Thursday, December 23, 2010

GDN present Casual Mode Guide part 1

Casual Mode is an entirely new addition to HoN and many players who are adjusting to its unique set of rules have been wondering what the best ways to master the new mode of play are. This guide, which will be split into three parts, will squash some common misconceptions on what is the most effective way to dominate Casual Mode. Part one of the guide will go through the changed rules and how each applies to the new gameplay on a practical level. You’ll have to check back to see what we’ll be revealing in parts two and three of the guide!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

GDN present Grimm's Crossing Strategy Guide part 3

Part III: Details, Details, Details

Every map has its tricks, and Grimm’s Crossing is no exception. This final part of the Grimm’s guide will put you in the know regarding optimal ward spots and clue you in on some neat tricks. Ward Spots: In a map as small as Grimm’s Crossing, wards become even more important, as each ward covers up a greater proportion of the map. Grimm’s is all about ganking and action, so the key information that map control and wards can convey will usually decide who ends the game as a victor, and who ends the game with a sad face. Below we examine some of the best ward spots on Grimm’s Crossing, and in what situation each of the ward spots is optimal.

Patch 2.0.4 Changelog - Vampire Holiday Patch


- Fixed an issue with recent matches in stats page
- Fixed the chest present box- Merry Christmas!

Version 2.0.4
- Added a new Hero, Dampeer

- Added a new Alt Avatar for Dampeer in the store: Vacation Dampeer!
- Added a new Alt Avatar for Flint Beastwood in the store: Captain Flint!

- Added new account icons to the Store
- Added more flags upon request to the store
- Added new Icons for the minimap

- Added a new "Terror" overhead icon for When you are feared
- Improved feedback in Matchmaking for leavers
* This now tells you how many games you need to play to be a non-leaver
- Romanian string table update
- Fixed crash if you used the mousewheel over a playerlist in a chat channel without clicking, and then hit Up
- Fixed a drawSelectedPath crash
- Fixed any attempts to auto-follow into matchmaking games
- Fix to prevent alt avatars from being selected during hero loading
- Fixed Neutrals aggro and added a ZZz effect over their heads when they are asleep

- Added Spellshards as recommended items to some heroes
- Fixed Geometer's Bane to correctly remove the "Attack this hero!" indicator when used

- Fixed Maliken's weird textures with sword mode on
- Fixed Legionnaire's Charge so it doesn't cancel when you use it on someone on the edge of fog
- Fixed Legionnaire's Charge affector interacting poorly with Moraxus' Shield; it now procs it only if Moraxus is the main target of charge.
- Fixed Rampage's Charge so it doesn't cancel when you use it on someone on the edge of fog
- Fixed Night Hound's Pounce so it always does the bonus damage
- Fixed up the weird interactions with Pharaoh mummy and other heroes. You could get pushed and pulled from weird angles and this fixes that
* Also makes the circle around him of mummies slightly more circular
- Fixed Bubbles' and Gladiator's abilities with timers so they reset to 0 correctly if you use the ability early
- Fixed Soul Reaper's Judgment, it was hitting siege units before

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

GDN present Grimm's Crossing Strategy Guide part 2

Missed Part 1 of the series?
You can click to read the GDN Grimm's Crossing Strategy Guide part 1

As you probably know, Heroes of Newerth play on Forests of Caldavar centers entirely around farming and gold. You pick lanes that maximize your team’s farm so that your carry will be able to free-farm a few waves and keep the enemy farm down. You control the map for more and safer farm. You win team fights so that you can go back and farm while the enemies lose gold and respawn. Everything revolves around farming creeps for gold until your team grows stronger than the other team.. Grimm’s Crossing throws this all out the window.

Grimm’s 3 players, 2 lanes structure, in conjunction with a very condensed area between lanes, makes the map a ganker’s paradise. Ganking in Grimm’s will be more frequent and less costly, and like on Forests of Caldavar, it will help determine how your team progresses relative to your opponents. The key difference, however, is that ganking on Grimm’s should not be followed by periods of passive farming, but rather continued ganking or pushing. A successful gank reduces enemy tower armor and gives you a number of advantages in the lane. Compounded with the dearth of farm locations and the quickness of reaching your opponent’s base, the post-gank dynamics strongly encourage a push or other aggressive action. All of this makes gank-pushing the most effective play style in Grimm’s Crossing.

Monday, December 20, 2010

GDN present Grimm's Crossing Strategy Guide


Grimm’s Crossing, the new 3v3 map for Heroes of Newerth, is all about action and quickly asserting your dominance over your opponents. Grimm’s is a Match Making map, so learning and mastering it will lead to great rewards. This guide will give you a strategic leg-up over your peers and provide insight into some of the smaller nuances of Grimm’s Crossing. The guide will be delivered in three segments: the first will focus on which heroes the map favors, the second will detail successful play behavior on Grimm’s, and the third will go in-depth about important minutiae such as ward placement and map-specific tricks.

Dampeer - Next Upcoming Hero

The Heroes of Newerth team will be launching a new hero called Dampeer this Wednesday, and we got the exclusive first look at him thanks to the folks at S2 Games. Here's the 411:

Do I... dazzle you?

In the darkest days of the war, when starvation stalked the land, it is said that some men turned to eating the flesh of the dead -- and then, the flesh of the living. Perhaps that is the origin of Dampeer, a monster who feeds on the lifeforce of his foes, spreading terror before his tattered wings, his pants the only remnants of his humanity.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Analyzing Spellshards by f0cusfire

So, found a very good article made in f0cusfire.com(another honblog too).And then decided to post it, I think it will be very usefull to you guys(envy the writer to made a very good article).
So here you go :

At first glance, Spellshards seems like a pseudo Harkon's Blade at about half the cost initially. The item's bonuses are all relatively small, except for the one stand-out effect:

* Causes any Magic damage you deal to ignore 2/4/6 of your target's Magic Armor. This effect can never cause their magic armor to go below 0.

The negative armor stat in general is very powerful because of the way it scales, and negative magic armor is especially rare. The only other instances of reduced magic armor in the game are Harkon's, Blacksmith's Flaming Hammer, Hellbringer's Life Void, and Myrmidon's Wave Form. Couple that with the fact that bonus magic armor is almost as rare, and it's obvious that Spellshards is a powerful item.

Heroes of Newerth #5 Newsletter

Most of the content are about HON 2.0, and also there is information about tourney schedule.
Read it here : http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/newsletter/vol5/news.html

Patch 2.0.3 Changelog - Xmas Patch 2

Version 2.0.3
- Added more Winter/Christmas stuff, including a new courier and three free new Alt Avatars in the store!

- Maliken, Keeper of the Forest, and Deadwood now have alt avatars in the store that cost 0 coins. Merry Christmas!
- Fixed some matchmaking bugs
- Fixed some UI bugs with the minimap and RAP
* This should fix the FPS issues players have been having
- Added some new icons and country flags that were missing
- Fixed gold report's GPM calculations (this the popup you get when you hover over your gold)
- Fixed Ophelia's targeting with Judgment
- Fixed Nymphora and her ultimate on Grimm's
- Fixed a few spots on Caldavar you could get perma stuck
- Fixed Pollywog's alt shooting lightning from the wrong hand

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Patch 2.0.1 Changelog - Xmas Patch

Version 2.0.1
- Winter Maliken and Kongor!
- Added snow and snow trees to Caldavar for Christmas
- Editor Load Map division by 0 fix
- Fixing Night Hound's Alt Avatar display name in the Vault
- Nemesis/Payback now only count on direct kills, not assists
- Hooked up "mystery hero" icon for blind picking in SD
- Fixed music streaming when there is a Unicode character in the path
- Fixed interaction with the alt-clicking buildings/heroes and Attack-Moving and other actions
- Updated weather effects
- Updated several effects and sounds

- Can no longer teleport herself back to base like lawls

- Wards will no longer be able to hovered over on the minimap

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Patch Fix Patch

Versions and were minor bugfixes for certain effects at certain resolutions.

- Fixed public games list being empty
- Cleaned up the 'First Time Purchase' window to clearly show the bonus
- "/weather rain" should now always start the rain effect
- After a match starts, the game music starts playing immediately after hero loading
- Remove the "Voting/etc has moved" box when you hit F6
- Fixing Blacksmith's Account Icon name
- Fix for the unexpected interaction between pathing and holding Alt
- Fixed some performance issues

These changes were in 2.0.0, just were not in the changelog:

- Base strength increased from 17 to 20
- Master's Incantation cooldown from 3/2/1/0 to 2/1/0/0

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Upcoming Hero Announced Today

As what I've post before and say it many times, after this big patch, the HON 2.0 with its awesomeness(i want coins), there will be next upcoming hero announced today guys, again, it will not an INT, but STR or AGI, and from which side?Lets wait.
Also if you guys already check the website new look, introducing the HON 2.0 feature.
And please download the new client HON 2.0.0 here :

*Just a note, there are issues that paypal coin system is not in the website yet, soon.
And the alternative costume, it got bugged, they will fixed it soon, I think in 2.0.1 patch maybe.
Please disable mods if you guys having trouble with the icons

HON 2.0 Patch Changelog - Cherry Popper !

Version 2.0.0

== Team Matchmaking ==

- Find matches faster! Boasting arranged-team or solo play, this innovative and intuitive feature increases the efficiency of game creation by automatically gathering player statistics from a variety of group sizes, formulating teams, then matching those teams in as fair a manner as possible. With the ability to customize game mode, region, and map preferences, as well as group up with players on or off your friends list, the new Matchmaking will not only make it much faster to find a game of HoN, but also maximize the fairness and quality of the match.
- Playing Matchmaking rewards you with valuable Goblin Coins! Check out the new end-game scorescreen function after a Matchmaking game.
- Matchmaking will be disabled initially, we'll enable it when we're ready to begin public testing on it this week. Once enabled, expect it to have cycles of going up and down as we gather data, iterate, improve the algorithms, and fix any bugs.

== Cosmetic Store ==

- With goblin coin currency, which can be earned or bought, players can purchase in-game brag-worthy cosmetic upgrades. The micro-transaction based store, controlled by Merrick the goblin shopkeeper, lets players customize their experience without affecting game play or allowing the purchases to change the level of competition.

- Cosmetic upgrades include:
* Alternate hero avatars
* Taunt
* Account icons
* Alternate announcer packs
* Name color options.
* Account Symbols

== New 3v3 Map: Grimm's Crossing ==

- A new action-packed and exciting map that includes a two-way teleporter in the middle area, allowing for more innovative fighting strategies and tactics. Grimm's Crossing is a battlefield for the bloodthirsty. The terrain favors the cunning and aggressive, as hidden paths within the trees can provide a quick way to rout unsuspecting enemies. There is precious little territory to be contested over; battles are won and lost at frantic paces, often beginning and ending unexpectedly.

- Features of the new map:
* 2 lanes that are very close together
* Only one set of towers outside of each base
* Small, tightly packed map
* Neutral creeps spawn only in the middle section of the map
* No elevation at entrances into bases
* 1 rune spawn location in the center
* Towers' armor scales with number of players alive; Buildings have 100% of armor when all are alive, scaling to 0 armor when your entire team is dead. This is active if with both Casual and Normal mode on this map.
* Twin teleporters for quick transit and fun surprises
* It's a winter wonderland! Try the snow weather on this map!

== New Game Mode: Casual Mode ==

- This entirely new mode of play will provide new HoN players and casual gamers with a more “fun,” less punishing way to learn and play HoN. Elements in Casual Mode speed up progression and increase rewards in ways that remain true to the game's core identity, delivering a version that can be embraced by new and veteran players alike.

- Changes from Normal Mode to Casual Mode are as follows
* Exp range from 1000 to 1300
* Removed gold loss on death
* Increased hero bounty
** Hero base gold bounty: from 200 to 300
** Hero gold bounty per level: from 5 to 10
* First blood bonus: from 200 to 300
* Gold bounty per streak: from 50 to 75
* Hero assist gold totals 50% of kill amount, split between all assisters
* Radius assist gold base: from 30 to 0
* Radius assist gold per level: from 5 to 0
* Respawn time per level from 4 seconds to 3 seconds
* Denies no longer deny experience
* Uphill miss chance removed
* Creeps give 1.25x of average normal mode value, no gold fluctuation
* Buildings give 1.5x of average normal mode value, no gold fluctuation
* Towers give global experience when killed, even to dead people, (by tower level): 150,200,250,300
* Tower last hit gold bounty: from 470,520,570,620 to 300,350,400,450
* Tower Team gold bounty: from 200,240,280,320 to 300,350,400,450
* The amount of experience required to reach the next level increases as the game goes on. This means that at the beginning, players level up a lot faster than in Normal Mode, but in the mid and late game they level up at about the same rate as in Normal Mode.
* Buyback costs are at 1.75x normal mode values
* Towers' armor scales with number of players alive; Buildings have 100% of armor when all are alive, scaling to 0 armor when your entire team is dead.

== New Interface Features ==

- We have revamped the in-game interface to be more dynamic, informative, and efficient.

- Enhancements include:
* Advanced mini-map interaction. Try hovering over heroes, buildings, or wards!
* Pull down tabs in the upper right for intuitive access to vote functions and game options
* Graphic kill messages for feedback when you net a kill in the upper left.
* A gold counter to see the breakdown of your gold earnings from different sources. Hover your mouse over your gold count to see the exact breakdown!
* Experience range indicators to mark enemies within the experience gain range. You will notice a small purple diamond next a creep's health bar when you are in range and a purple diamond effect will play when they die if you got experience.
* Context-sensitive pings to highlight the object and send out alert messages to allies. Try Alt+Clicking an ally, enemy, or building.
* A hover-over inventory to allow for quicker inventory feedback on allies and enemies. Hover over an enemy to quickly see their inventory.

== BETA Map Editor ==

- With the exact same tool that we used to make HoN, users can now create and edit maps for enhanced single-player experiences. Users who are inspired to create multi-player maps can submit their map designs to the HoN DREAM website for potential inclusion in HoN. Also, in conjunction with scripting manipulation, players can create their own custom modes.
- This is still a BETA version of the Map Editor, and as such still has features to be added, polish to be done, and bugs to be fixed. Keep this in mind!
- To open the editor, use the editor.bat file in your HoN directory or re-install the game and it will automatically add a shortcut to your start menu as well

Sunday, December 12, 2010

HoN Dev Blog: Grimm's Crossing

In the continuing spirit of open discussion, we'd like to let you guys in on some of the design insights that came about in the creation of the new 3v3 map, Grimm's Crossing, that will be released with HoN 2.0 and be featured with the new 3v3 Matchmaking.

1. Darkwood Vale v2
Our desire to revamp matchmaking eventually became a directive to include a 3v3 option to increase the robustness of the system. We first turned to Darkwood Vale, our only 3v3 map at the time. Though the initial idea for Grimm's Crossing arose from the ashes of Darkwood Vale, the end result would eventually evolve into a vastly different product.

2. Initial Concepting
We began the project with the intention of altering Darkwood Vale, our previous 3v3 map. Though Darkwood Vale accommodated four less players, the map itself was just as big as Forests of Caldavar, our 5v5 map. To compensate for this, we drastically decreased the map size, particularly in regards to the middle neutral area and lane length. Over the span of a single week, more and more adjustments were made until the map snowballed from a simple rework to a completely new map. Along the way, we had several insights regarding what players looked for in a 3v3--that it should be small, action packed, and fast as hell. This brought about a few special additions to the map:

Teleporters add an interesting offensive and defensive
element to the map, especially for juking. Despite the
already small size of the map, they add a way to reach the
battle faster, cementing the characteristic fast-paced
gameplay. The idea for teleporters had been on our minds
for quite a while; it was something we had considered for
the original remake of Darkwood Vale. There would be
one-way teleporters that offered a way to get into the
action faster, and would be part of the remedy of the huge
map size. On Grimm's Crossing however, they simply
supercharge the pace... wait until you have your first
starting rune fight on Grimm's Crossing!

There is no random number generator at work here. You
know where the rune will be every two minutes... you just
don't know what rune it is, or who else will be trying to get
it. Because there are only two lanes, with the rune at the
center of the map, leaving a lane allows players to obtain
the rune and gank in one swift move without slowing the
action down with backtracking.

Even the terrain itself is reflective of our goal of action, action, action.

While elevation differences and the unique gameplay features they
bring are core to strategy in 5v5, we felt that removing
elevation differences in lanes and bases was better for 3v3 in
order to fulfill a faster-paced gameplay style, as we wanted to
avoid prolonged sieges outside of bases on high ground. The only
walkable higher ground can be found at the teleporters, which will
be vital for map control.

There are trees galore! Both lanes are essentially flanked by
additional tree-lined paths specifically for ganking and
juking. A savvy Thunderbringer player could, for example,
theoretically spend the entirety of the laning stage playing
from the cover of trees. The fact that many of the treelines
are single-row creates even more potential for great plays
when you consider heroes and items with the ability to
destroy trees.

Being a 3v3 map, you will inevitably have at least one solo
lane. Unlike Forests of Caldavar, there is no "safe" middle
lane--both lanes are "long" lanes with plenty of ganking

In addition to the above, we came up with some additional concepts, some that didn't make it to the final map.
  • Visible vision blockers: As a solution to potentially imbalanced ward spots on high ground, visible lines of tall grass are used to notify players of a sight obstruction. This feature was also incorporated on Forests of Caldavar, where notable grass and reeds now populate Kongor's lair where blind vision blockers used to be.
  • Tower armor reduction: Though this system eventually made it into casual mode as a standard feature, it originally began as one of the solutions to turtling on Grimm's Crossing. Eventually, that problem was solved by the removal of elevation differences.

3. Release on Test Client
Once we felt pretty good about the map, we decided to release it on the Test Client for open beta testing. The map at this point was supposed to outright replace Darkwood Vale, but that idea was met with open hostility, so we set Darkwood Vale as 4v4 and spared it the fate of deletion. Though we received a lot of valuable feedback, we felt that in the end, the map was not ready for immediate release. The design and programming teams were prepping for the big move from California to Michigan, and we still lacked focused input from dedicated testers, as the Super Beta team was not yet created. For the next three months, the design team focused on the other features of HoN 2.0 and creating additional heroes and items. Grimms Crossing laid at the side with the intention of being resurrected near the end stage of 2.0.

4. Final Iterations
As HoN 2.0 was looming, Grimm's Crossing was brought back to the forefront of attention. Iterative test games were hammered out daily to make sure the final product was polished to our standards. Details like ward spots, juke paths, and fog issues were resolved to make the map what it is now.

Although development occurred over several months, we only required one month of dedicated design work to complete Grimm's Crossing--the actual creation and major iterating process--a cycle of doodling, editing, and playing--occurred over a period of just two weeks. The best part about this is that like our new hero production schedule, now that we've set up the backbone for map creation, new additions to the Heroes of Newerth map arsenal should take even less time!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

HON 2.0 Heroes Taunt Animation by S2Nigma

Friday, December 10, 2010

S2Crew Epic Showdown

So, as what you guys know from my tweets and post in facebook page about these 3 crews
S2Lulu, S2Diva, and the last contestant S2Nigma, were competing to get moar and moar fans in their facebook page, see it here :

S2Lulu Worship Shrine
S2Diva Worship Shrine - DivaLicious
S2Nigma Worship Shrine - I called it NIGMAnia, lol

Please visit the battleground here : http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/showthread.php?t=190514
*Detail about what they will do and give if they won the showdown

And MsPudding also Konrad I believe.
Whats cool with these battle is especially between Nigma and Diva, they both try to get moar fans by "little leak", and the leak info is about the next hero, that will be announced on Monday with the HON 2.0, but remember, no new hero in HON 2.0, and this hero will not be an INT Hero, but dont know which side its figthing for.(It will be released ingame on next Friday)
Now decide, NIGMAnia or DivaLicious ?

Also, another amazing music by S2Arnej, please hear it here : http://soundcloud.com/arnej/hon-v2-music

MatchMaking Changes by Idejder

There will be no matchmaking in HON 2.0, they are going to test moar about it first before release it

We have made some pretty significant changes to our Matchmaking interface and system in the last week and we wanted to take this time to explain them to everyone.

In our internal discussions on the new Matchmaking system before we announced 2.0 publicly, we determined that minimizing the amount of time players have to sit and wait in queue is of crucial importance. It is no fun to just look at a spinning HoN logo for an extended period of time. To alleviate this and improve the overall quality of Matchmaking, we tried to limit the number of Modes and Regions that could be excluded in the search. This accomplished the goals of speeding up queue times significantly in our simulations while giving putting everyone in the most popular modes in the regions that worked well for them. At this point we were satisfied with the average wait times and match success rate and decided to use 2 Mode downvotes and 1 Region downvote.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

HoN 2.0: Media Coverage by S2Diva

Hello folks, I hope you're all as excited as we here at S2 Games are about the upcoming HoN 2.0 content release. This thread will serve as your one-stop-shop for all your HoN 2.0 coverage needs. Hopefully these articles and videos will answer any questions you have and whet your appetites! Oh, and keep your eyes peeled to this thread. We expect some more articles and videos soon regarding 2.0...

PC Preview - 'Heroes of Newerth 2.0'

"When Heroes of Newerth launched in May of this year, it was referred to by some fans as DotA 2.0. Now Heroes of Newerth itself is scheduled to get the "2.0" branding, as S2 prepares to release a major update to the game."

Spotlight On - Heroes of Newerth 2.0

"The new update brings a fresh batch of surprises for both newcomers and veterans alike."

Heroes of Newerth: 2.0 mega update! [Giveaway]

"Dubbed HoN 2.0, the new update adds a brand new gameplay mode, a new map, an in-game store, and a streamlined interface. Read on for full exclusive video detailing the new “casual” gameplay mode."
Heroes of Newerth Goes Casual in 2.0

"Check out our exclusive trailer for 2.0".

Exclusive: HoN 2: Watch Merrick Beat Boxing!

"Watch Merrick the shop keeper do his thing."

HON 2.0 Teaser Trailer on IGN

So, there were bunch of articles and video all around the Gaming Sites, today S2Games released the teaser trailer also again another article about HON 2.0 in IGN, read the article exclusive in

And this is the teaser, cant wait for HON 2.0

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We have ten Heroes of Newerth keys to give away. Details on how you can win are located at the end of the article.

Contest details:
Don’t have HoN yet but want to check out the new changes? We’re giving away 10 full copies of the game! You read above how the Flamboyant announcer says “Cherry popper” when you get the first kill instead of “Bloodlust”. In order to be entered into the contest, create a concept for another announcer voice pack, and tell us in the comments below what your announcer would say when you get the first kill. The top 10 most interesting/awesome/hilarious/dread-inspiring ones will earn a game code from us via email. This contest ends Wednesday, December 9th, at 12pm PST.

Please visit PCGamer to put your comments guys : http://www.pcgamer.com/2010/12/07/heroes-of-newerth-2-0-mega-update-giveaway/

Exclusive look at HoN 2.0 Casual Mode

Read the Exclusive article about HON 2.0 Casual Update in PCGamer here :

Sunday, December 5, 2010

S2Diva 1.0.21 Explaination

Ward Changes:

Wards (both of Sight and of Revelation) are purchased in packs of 1 instead of 2
* Each ward costs 100, so the cost per ward is the same

Wards are a hugely important part of HoN, and there is a lot of game dynamics (and intra-team contention) that revolve around wards. They are incredibly effective, and good placement and control of wards will often make the difference between a win and a loss. However, in public and lower level games, they are very infrequently purchased. We've had extensive discussions about how we can get that to change.

We attributed the dearth of wards in public play to the following:

Saturday, December 4, 2010

HonCast Interview with Idejder

So, downloadable mp3 file here : http://bit.ly/dEKYRf and the downloadable video is here : http://bit.ly/gxu5aQ
Also contain info about future patch and whats interesting is new hero every 2 weeks, also the explaination about 2 new items, the Trophy Belt and Spellshards.

Again, for the original thread by Breakycpk here :

HON as Mashable Finalist, VOTE NAO !

Heroes of Newerth has been nominated at the #MashableAwards for Best Online Game!
Vote Heroes of Newerth for Best Online Game.

Friday, December 3, 2010

What's New in HON 2.0 Video Preview

Contain :
Pimp Witch Slayer in Purple
Explaination about Casual Mode
Team Matchmaking Preview
InGame Shop's Item
Grimm's Crossing Winter Version

Merrick the Shopkeeper Beat Boxing

Patch 1.0.21(1) Changelogs

- Fixed Myrmidon effects

Version 1.0.21
- Added a new Legion Intelligence hero: Myrmidon!

- All Wards are now sold for 100g in stacks of 1
- Plated Greaves: recipe removed
- Andromeda: Aurora dubuff duration from 20s to 14/16/18/20s
- Succubus: Heartache cooldown from 20s to 15s
- Rampage: Chains that Bind no longer disarm Rampage during the duration

Thursday, December 2, 2010

HON 2.0 Release Date Around 13th December

So HON 2.0 is the patch contain huge amount of big major update
As what you guys can read in the WorthPlaying, I will summarize the new things in HON 2.0

We will have a new microtransaction(cosmetics only) contain flag, announcer sound, colored ID, and Hero Costumes(see the image) and we are going to buy those with coins(coins can be buy via real money or coins you will earned ingame)
UPDATE : Taunt feature will be there, too bad =(  And the Coins, only can be earned via TeamMatchMaking game only, also streaking Bloodbath or Annihilation

Next is Team Matchmaking, another cool stuff, as what you can see before, I post the image of it already.

Casual Game Mode, no gold penalty on death and about creeping and farming stuff

New UI looks, no big change, just icon and color, also show hero item below his health.

Grimm Crossing Winter looks and Attack and Defense Target new effect, looks cool in red and green.
2 New Items, 1 is like Purple Riftshard and 1 is in the cooldown, dont know what is that.
UPDATE : Named Spellshards and Trophy Bell

And the most awaited thing, the Map Editor, you guys now can start develop own map, I want FUFU HoN version and TD !
And dont forget, Myrmidon this Friday ! I sent Myrmidon(pokemon sound)

So thats all, you guys can read the full official article in WorthPlaying
Always expect moar !

Got question about it? See the Q&A Thread here : 

And watch HonCast interview with Idejder TONIGHT LIVE in 

Gallery :

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Myrmidon Debut Video

Exclusive: Heroes of Newerth Debuts Myrmidon. Watch more top selected videos about: Heroes of Newerth

You guys can see the Pollywog Chief costume in the video, the orange chieffrog

We've Moved :(

HoN Blog will no longer be updated. We've moved to http://gamingpoint.org and we will no longer be writing about HoN

Gaming Point is a blog for game developers. We teach concepts rather than the technical things like coding, so go have a look at the site, because there's plenty of awesome guides there.