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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Heroes of Newerth #12 Newsletter

Nyan Cat Courier coming to Newerth

At last, Female Scout (Cute IMO)

Next Upcoming Hero : Midas

Sunday, August 28, 2011

IsmaelVera's Balphagore Spotlight

Top 5 Hardest Hero to Play by NigmaHonBlog

#5 Soulstealer

Without a doubt, Soulstealer is one of those Heroes where skill (or the lack thereof) really shines through. The difference between somebody who knows what they are doing with Soulstealer and somebody who does not is clearly visible in games, and it's no surprise that in the hands of a skilled player can single handedly win games. A lot of people attribute Soulstealer's difficulty to landing Demon Hands, one of the most fickle abilities in the game. This is only half true, however, as there's a lot more to Soulstealer than meets the immediate eye. In addition to landing his Demon Hands and Soul Bursts, Soulstealer is a Hero who is naturally at a disadvantage towards all other Heroes in terms of HP. To make up for this, Soulstealer has the gift of being able to clear entire creepwaves in less than a second, allowing him to make items quickly. A blessing but also a curse, his above average farming skill must be utilized to it's fullest potential to be truly terrifying.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Patch 2.1.6 Changelog - Geomancer, 2 New Alt.Avts and New Taunt

Removed persistent groups for now to fix some load issues. We have fixed up Matchmaking and logins so everything should be much more stable now

Version 2.1.6
- The current Free Heroes have changed. The current available list is:
* Forsaken Archer
* Arachna
* Soul Reaper
* Maliken
* Madman
* Legionnaire
* Amun-Ra
* Tundra
* Pyromancer
* Deadwood
* Slither
* Bubbles
* Glacius
* Jeraziah
* Keeper of the Forest

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alt.Avt and Heroes Concepts by S2Los

 Alternate Concept for planned hero, Blue one wins(IMO Jereziah/Accursed Alt Avt)
 Alternative Avatar for Current Hero (I guess its for Dark Lady)
Alternate Hero(IMO : Martyr Alt Avt)

Geomancer Hero Spotlight

Official Nyan Cat Courier maybe coming this Friday (S2Nigma Statement)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Megapede (Geomancer) coming this Friday !

After months of waiting, the second community created hero, the Geomancer, is finally here! Designed by community members Phopis and Chibbi, the "Megapede" is a mobile, subterranean hero with strong team-fighting and ganking abilities.

With Dig, he's able to quickly tunnel through the ground, charging through the earth and bursting out at the desired location to disrupt nearby enemies. His control of the earth also affords him the ability to create pits of quicksand at will – the more his enemies struggle, the further they sink into the sand. Earth's Grasp lets him call down an inverted artillery strike of sorts, creating a trailing path of earthy explosions that can tear apart immobile opponents.

Finally, he can create a Crystal Field, encasing enemies in amethyst shards after a short delay. Megapede is set to release this coming Friday!

Rouen the Gargoyle by S2Nigma

Unused Revenant Concept by S2Ari

Remember about Idejder talking about night and day hero? This one is Nigma's Hero, come discuss what do you guys think about this.

Rouen the Gargoyle

Hero Concept by Nigma

Lore: Originally a Hellbourne Cultist that practiced forbidden magic, Rouen fell victim of his own dark power when he accidentally transferred his spirit into a Gargoyle statue in an attempt to animate it. Afflicted by an ancient curse, Rouen is forced to tread the battlefield encased in stone skin. Only during the night, when all is dark, is Rouen free to unleash his true unholy power.

Primary Attribute: Strength
Allegiance:  Hellbourne
Roles: Disabler /Teamfighter/Ganker
Movespeed: 290


Saturday, August 20, 2011

HONicle : Rhapsody Hero Guide

A new Intelligence based Supporter/Pusher from S2 Games

Basic Statistics

Strength 18 +1.8 / level
Agility 17 +1.7 / level
Intelligence 25 +2.8 / level

Move Speed
Base Armor
Attack Range
Base Damage
47 - 51

Skill Descriptions

Staccato (Q)

Type: Magic
Range: 500
Cast Time: 0.5 Seconds
Mana Cost: 100 / 110 / 120 / 130
Cooldown: 12.0 Seconds

Deals 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 Magic Damage and a 1 second stun to the target.

Gains 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 charges. Activate again to consume a charge and deal 50 Magic Damage and a .25 second stun to the target.

This is your primary nuke and ganking tool, providing a maximum of 2 seconds of stun and 280 magic damage to a single target, making it one of the longest stuns in the game with a solid amount of burst damage.  With good timing the total time a hero spends disabled can be quite a bit longer, as you can stagger the secondary pulses out over about 4 seconds after the initial cast, allowing you to influence your target's position for nearly 5 seconds while your allies beat them into paste.  I recommend taking your first point in Staccato in nearly every situation, as the relatively low mana cost and short duration make it a potent harassment tool right from the start. 

Smyger's HON Digest vol. 7

Friday, August 19, 2011

Refer Friends and Earn Coins

If you like you guys can donate me some coins in : http://heroesofnewerth.com/ref.php?r=AV0VDOT3
The Referral Page is back and ready to be put to use! You can now earn coins as your friends progress through the game. You will receive silver coins when your friends reach level 2 and when they become Verified; and you will receive gold coins the first time your friends purchase coins. To start inviting your friends, go to www.heroesofnewerth.com/referral.

S2 Staff Member

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Patch 2.1.5 - Frost Rider and Free Ground Courier

Version 2.1.5
- Fixed Shieldbreaker applying the debuff on Spell Damage
- Fixed Frost Rider slow from Cursed Shield working correctly
- This was missing from the 2.1.4 Patch Notes:
* Amun-Ra's Path of Destruction is now a ground target ability instead of a facing ability. Still goes 600 units, just in the direction you target

Version 2.1.4
- The current Free Heroes have changed. The current available list is:
* Soulstealer
* Silhouette
* Defiler
* Gladiator
* Tremble
* Devourer
* Pestilence
* Magmus
* Blacksmith
* Pebbles
* Rampage
* Pollywog Priest
* Nymphora
* Andromeda
* Vindicator

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alienware Icon Giveaway

Get your hands on this exclusive Alienware Arena key giveaway. Use this key to unlock an unique Alienware Heroes of Newerth account icon. Be the first to get this rare account icon and be the trendsetter as HoN players ask you where you got such an original account icon.

Haven't played Heroes of Newerth yet? We'll have you heard it's now free-to-play? With no excuse, grab this key and make your mark on the Heroes of Newerth community.

Are you looking for even more Heroes of Newerth stuff? Don't forget about our previous Goblin Coin giveaway.

*Please note that some users are not getting their icon right away and that it could take up to a few hours before it actually shows up on your account. Also, you will only see the account icon in your vault if you have already unlocked the account icon feature in-game.

Frost Rider Alt.Avt Coming This Friday

FYI : He's using temporary sound for the skill, its not the final version

Server Patch tonight: All done

So everyone is aware we have started to shut down servers for a server patch to fix some Match ID issues.

The service should be un-interrupted for most users. Around 12:15-12:45 AM EST it will be most difficult to find servers since we will be at roughly half capacity.

By ~1:30 AM EST everything should be back to normal if you even noticed.

We will also be restarting the chat server in roughly an hour. You should auto-connect to it.

EDIT: Ran into an issue, fixed it, should be fine now. Servers will be harder to find for roughly an hour.

S2 Staff Member

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nomerology : Druid Hero Development #2

This is second in a series of pre-release development blogs for a hero in progress. In the previous edition, I commented on the initial design goals and challenges that were presented in designing such a hero, as well as the influences that transpired me to create it. In this installment, I will explore her initial ability set. Please note that this blog is being written for a one-week-old version of the hero, and that many abilities have changed since then. All art assets are temporary. Yes, that is a recolored Wretched Hottie with Martyr wings.

I decided to name the hero Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt, following my typical mythology naming conventions. MsPudding and I recently watched the god-awful Clash of the Titans movie, so now I’m kind of interested in making a Perseus for our Andromeda too. Artemis seemed especially fitting given the mythos of shapeshifters within Savage lore as being wily, cunning huntresses. If you recall, the goal of the hero was to present a unique playstyle that featured form-switching between a ranged caster and melee DPS form. In typical Nome flair, I decided to name the two separate forms “Aspect of the Wych” and “Aspect of the Chimaera”. Switching between the two forms would be accomplished by leveling her Aspect Switch ability, which would also grant increasing passive bonuses tailored to each individual form. The abilities on each form would share levels and cooldowns:
  • Q: Leeching Seed / Galeforce
  • W: Sylph’s Embrace / Hades Charge
  • E: Aspect Switch
  • R: Gone with the Wind / Chimaera Strike

2X Matchmaking Coin Weekend!

Summer is winding down quickly and we're sending it out in style! This weekend is a 2X Matchmaking Coin Weekend. Round up your friends and prepare for a weekend jam packed with HoN! There has never been a better time to get your friends in to try the new Free-to-Play HoN. Play your way to all of those items you've been dying to get and have fun with your friends while doing it! The double coin event starts on Friday, August 19 at 10 AM EDT (-4 GMT) and ends Monday, August 22 at 10 AM EDT (-4 GMT).

S2 Staff Member

Monday, August 15, 2011

DotA 2 Gamescom 2011 Trailer

Including : Traxex,Axe,Bloodseeker,Raigor,Magina,Raijin,,Void,Rylai,Lina,Davion and Viper

Yogscast - Rhapsody Hero Guide

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Leaked InGame DotA2 Screenshots

Current heroes in DotA2 with names

 Huskar/Dazzle VS New Roshan (looks like Malphas a bit for me)

Huskar/Dazzle in Secret Shop

Speculation so far : Unknown, Pudge, Windrunner, Vengeful Spirit, Clockwerk Goblin, Nerubian Weaver, Enchantress, Luna, Rooftrellen/Tiny, Magina?

 DoomBringer with 2 Ironwood Branch, Tango, Healing Salve, Magic Stick and 2 Clarity Potions
My analysis so far, they use Z,X,C,V,B,N button for quick item use(unlike HON using Alt + QWEASD)

Nevermore and Tutorial Game I think

So what do you guys think about DotA2 now?Compared to HON, for me DOTA2 just bring a new graphic and I love it.

We've Moved :(

HoN Blog will no longer be updated. We've moved to http://gamingpoint.org and we will no longer be writing about HoN

Gaming Point is a blog for game developers. We teach concepts rather than the technical things like coding, so go have a look at the site, because there's plenty of awesome guides there.