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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Community Collaboration Balance Patch Preview!

Version 2.6.4 Preview:

This week's batch of Heroes of Newerth changes and improvements includes a very special Community Collaboration Balance Patch, bringing another level of community-inspired content to the battlefields of Newerth. With the help of an extremely passionate group of HoN community members, S2's balance design team asked for changes that the HoN community felt needed the most attention and opened the floor to balance discussion. There are 30 heroes and 3 items going under the knife in patch 2.6.4 as we aim to realign the Heroes of Newerth experience with the core aspirations of the HoN community in mind.

Without further adieu, check out the list of Heroes and Items included in tomorrow's balance patch, along with a sneak peek interview with lead balance designer DOGKaiser about what it took to make this "Dream Patch" a reality.

Maliken Statement Regarding Bots

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Can You Find Something?

Another Wallpapers by S2HamOnRye can be found in this link :

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Avatar Shuffle #1

 From left to right : Scorcher, Plague Rider(Archmage), Tempest, and Maliken

We're excited to announce the Avatar Shuffle! This monthly contest gives the community a sneak peek at some ofthe awesome content that we're developing AND gives you a chance to influence when these new alt avatars come to the Goblin Shop! Below, you will find four pieces of concept art for upcoming alt avatars! It is your job to vote for which one you want to see in the game. At the end of the week, we'll tally up the votes and announce the winning concept art, which will begin it's journey to become a part of HoN.

Once the winner is chosen, it is removed from the pool of concepts and a brand new one replaces it for next month's vote. This means that there's always a new piece of art to check out and vote for. Plus, if you're a huge fan of something that doesn't win, it still has a good chance of being voted in next month! This way, all of the pieces of concept art you see here will eventually be added into the game for everyone to enjoy.

With all that said, here are your choices!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Kinesia Alt.Avt Preview

Patch 2.6.3 Changelog - Bramble

Version 2.6.3
- Free Hero Pool has been updated. The list is as follows:
* Predator
* Maliken
* The Dark Lady
* Blood Hunter
* Draconis
* War Beast
* Devourer
* Pharaoh
* Gravekeeper
* Parasite
* The Chipper
* Bombardier
* Wretched Hag
* Kinesis
* Martyr
* Nymphora
* Myrmidon

== New Content ==

- Added new Early Access Hero: Bramble
- Added new Limited Edition Early Access Alt Avatar: Spike preview

* Bramble is a very difficult to kill strength hero who supports his team in a variety of ways. Whether it be Disables, Movespeed, Heals, or splitting the enemy team in two, Bramble is a valuable asset to any team.

- Added a new Announcer: The Pimp Pack
* Featuring the smooth voice of Newerth's favorite Witchslaying Pimp, its time to set the juice loose and spank that monkey

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vote for Balphagore Next Alt.Avt

1 of the 3 Contestant, Garbagore by LooLoo

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bramble - Hero Spotlight

Bramble Mini Hero Guide : 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mid Wars: Strategy Guide

Its all about picking the right Heroes

Welcome to HoNBlog's Official Strategy Guide for Mid Wars. Mid Wars is a game mode that emphasizes action, constant skirmishes, and lowering the importance of the laning phase.

The game begins in a Blind Ban Mode. At the start, the Blue/Pink player must ban up to 3 heroes in a short amount of time. Failing to pick any heroes will result in random heroes being picked for you. Picking the same hero as the other team will ban that hero, but you do not chose another. There is a tier list of mid wars heroes. Simply put, heroes that emphasize single target damage, do damage over time, are junglers, have pets as their main strategy, or have situational disables are considered bad in mid wars. While Ophelia may be considered a top tier hero in Normal Mode, she is one of the worst heroes to pick in mid wars.

Hero Tier List made by Forum User :

Kinesis Hero Analysis

Kinesis is a ranged intelligence ganker/support, specializing in dealing Magic Damage and benefiting from the damage he deals. Kinesis is the 100th hero in HoN. Kinesis can deal heavy Magic Damage with a short cooldown. Kinesis sports a hefty +3.0 Intelligence gain, and has fairly weak Strength and Agility gains.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bramble - Hero Teaser

When the war spread from the northlands into the jungles of Newerth, both man and Deamon discovered why the natives call the land “Death’s Cradle.” Creatures warped from the chaos of the past abide in these forbidden lands, where beasts are prey and plants are predator. Deep in these jungles, the Keeper found the eldest of the mantraps and fed it the blood of the corrupted – Deamons and the fallen. Filled with their dark power, Bramble now stalks her chosen meals across the battlefields, helping destroy the enemies of the Keeper…
 Bramble is a Melee Strength Hero who offensively supports his team through the use of his noodly appendages!

Abilities Teaser :

Happy Friday Presents by S2HamOnRye

There are 3 Newcomers in this picture :

1. Hero between Chainsaw Moraxus and Dark Jereziah - Probably Upcoming Hero, Storm Rider
2. Hero between Gemini and Teen Hound - Geomancer Alt.Avt
3. Hero between Gladiator and Steam Flux - O Yoroi Gauntlet

So are they the new upcoming heroes or just only upcoming alternative avatars?

Patch 2.6.2 - Jade Giant Pebbles

Version 2.6.2
- Free Hero Pool has been updated. The list is as follows:

* Andromeda
* Shadowblade
* Slither
* Emerald Warden
* Master of Arms

* Plague Rider
* Torturer
* Witch Slayer
* Aluna
* Bubbles
* Demented Shaman

* Behemoth
* Cthulhuphant
* Gauntlet
* Magmus
* Midas

== New Content ==

- Added new Limited Edition Pebbles Alt Avatar: Jade Giant Pebbles preview

Monday, May 14, 2012

HONTour Leaked from Phil's Desktop

Source via Reddit : http://www.reddit.com/r/HeroesofNewerth/comments/tmgyw/took_screenshot_of_phils_desktop_after_he_closed/

HoN-iversary Art Contest Award Announcement

Congratulations to all the Newerth HoN-iversary Art Contest Winners! A complete list of the finalists can be found at http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/artcontest

The Newerth HoN-iversary Art Contest was a three week call to action for the HoN community to embrace their artistic personalities to win limited edition prizing and bags of swag. We want to thank everyone for participating as we celebrate Heroes of Newerth's 2nd Annual HoN-iversary. Full contest details can be found at http://bit.ly/newerthartcontest.

Kongor Taunt Video Preview

Friday, May 11, 2012

Minotaur Behemoth Alt.Avt

Patch 2.6.0 Changelog - 2nd HoNiversary Patch

Version 2.6.0
- Free Hero Pool has been updated and increased to 16 heroes! The list is as follows:
* Silhouette
* The Madman
* Tremble
* Chronos
* Dampeer

* Succubus
* Tempest
* Engineer
* Pyromancer
* Monarch
* Rhapsody

* The Gladiator
* Armadon
* Drunken Master
* Tundra
* Flux

HON Newsletter Vol.22 - 2nd HoNiversary

Read more about the Last DevBlog about MidWars with Q&A in :

"Leaked" Patch Notes by S2Deejay

Clockwork Archer
When you buy a recipe item via right-clicking on it or the "purchase remaining components" button, it will now intelligently combine as it's being purchased
  • Example: Your inventory has 5 Minor Totems and Marchers. You right click on Ghost Marchers and now have Ghost Marchers in your inventory. Before, you would still have Marchers in your inventory and now have 2 Punchdagger in your stash
When you buy a recipe item via right-clicking on it or the "purchase remaining components" button, it will now look for recipe combinations in both your inventory and stash (if you have access to it)
  • Example: Your inventory has 5 Minor Totems and Marchers with one Punchdagger in your stash. You right click on Ghost Marchers and now have Ghost Marchers in your inventory. Before, you would still have Marchers in your inventory and 2 Punchdaggers in your stash
When a courier delivers items, it now intelligently combines them as they're being delivered
  • Example: Your inventory has 5 Minor Totems and Marchers. The courier delivers you 2 Punchdaggers and you now have Ghost Marchers in your inventory. Before, you would still have Marchers in your inventory and the courier would still have the 2 Punchdaggers
When you buy a Frostwolf Skull or Geometer's Bane via right-clicking on it or the "purchase remaining components" button and have a Frostburn, it won't buy the Icebrand/Firebrand anymore
  • This was done because Frostburn can be disassembled and the Icebrand/Firebrand modifiers do not stack
When a recipe item combines, it inherits the oldest purchase time of its components, so that you can still sell it for full value after combining. As with other items, the "recently purchased" flag goes away if the owner dies or if the item is used
          Increased the max players per channel from 200 to 250

Read more about the AMAA post with S2Deejay the new Lead Programmer via Reddit in :

Thursday, May 10, 2012

HoN MidWars - Trailer

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Riftwalker - Hero Spotlight

Riftwalker Mini Hero Guide : 

RiftWalker Leaked Gameplay

Hero Spotlight should be up soon, tomorrow or later today, but we got a leaked video from unknown user via reddit post showing RiftWalker ingame(short duration)

Reddit post : http://www.reddit.com/r/HeroesofNewerth/comments/tcwvm/riftwalker_mini_spotlight/

And Hero Description, leaked from DotallyRad (Actually I got full picture of the upcoming heroes but took the post down already)
source : http://www.dotallyrad.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/5.jpg

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Global HoN Challenge

    Attention Newerth, the time has come to celebrate HoN's 2nd Annual HoN-iversary and we hope you're just as excited as we are at S2 Games to get this celebration started. Its been two amazing years since Heroes of Newerth was officially launched, bringing gamers together from around the world and this HoN-iversary we have more planned than ever before to make this the biggest HoN event of all time. To kick off all the HoN-iversary festivities, we're calling each and every one of you to unite worldwide to win prizes like never before in:

The Global HoN Challenge

     Starting tomorrow, May 7th at 00:00 EDT, we're challenging all of Newerth to unite and play more games of HoN in the week preceding HoN-iversary than the world has ever known. The Challenge starts on Monday, May 7th at 00:00 EDT and lasts until Friday May 11th at 23:59 EDT, where for five days, gamers from around the world in regions such as South East Asia, The Commonwealth of Independent States, North America, and Europe are called to queue up and battle alongside one another as a force to be reckoned with. Should the HoN community go above and beyond in answering the call, we'll reward every participating HoN account with prizes commemorating this massive 2nd HoN-iversary commitment.

The Prizes

    When the HoN Community hits these global totals for number of games played, they lock in the prize and bring everyone one step closer to completing the challenge:

  1. 300,000 Total Game Count Prize = Kongor Courier
  2. 700,000 Total Game Count Prize = Kongor Taunt
  3. 1.1 Million Total Game Count Prize = Steampunk Electrician Alt Avatar

How To Win

     To enter, simply log in to HoN and do your part by playing any matchmaking game mode starting Monday, May 7th at 00:00 EDT and ending Friday May 11th at 23:59 EDT. Track the progress of the Global HoN Challenge throughout the week using the image in the In-Game Message of the Day and at http://www.heroesofnewerth.com. Prizes will be distributed May 11 to everyone who played at least one match throughout the week.

With the HoN-iversary approaching and the Global HoN Challenge starting tomorrow, there's never been a better time to rally the troops and Get It HoN, so get out there and win those prizes.

Good Luck!
Source :

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Client Looks

Looks like its still in WIP, but good enough from me, shown in HonCast after the MidWars Face Off Match and the winner is S2Diva team

 Achievement coming soon?
New HON Client Background

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HoN Blog will no longer be updated. We've moved to http://gamingpoint.org and we will no longer be writing about HoN

Gaming Point is a blog for game developers. We teach concepts rather than the technical things like coding, so go have a look at the site, because there's plenty of awesome guides there.